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Sustainable Healthcare Leadership: Research at Bond University

Our research investigates characteristics of sustainable healthcare leadership and how leaders, managers, supervisors and staff in all areas of healthcare can be supported to create it. 


We seek to understand and promote its implications for healthcare outcomes, and potential solutions to promote sustainable management and leadership.  We explore the impact of healthcare leadership, and the support of healthcare leaders, on employee wellbeing and organisational resilience. 

For this research, sustainable healthcare leadership is defined as:

  • A set of systems, practices, and supports that create and maintain a high-performing healthcare system where people are enthusiastic to work.

  • Leaders possess strong personal wellbeing, feel empowered within their work environment, and enjoy being in leadership roles.

  • Leaders feel they can create positive workplace cultures that attracts and retains a diverse workforce across all disciplines and areas of healthcare.

  • Leaders can create efficient, effective, and safe interdisciplinary healthcare services to meet the needs of patients and the community. 

  • Culture and systems attract adequate numbers of current and future highly skilled healthcare leaders.

       Complete the survey at this link or scan the QR code.


Research survey image 1.png

This anonymous survey is open until 31st August 2024. Results will be discussed at the Australasian College of Health Service Management Congress in October 2024 and later published.

Research team: Cindy Jones, Rhonda Morton, Sule Gunter, Ro Nogueira, Carly Hudson

Thank you!

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