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New Evolution can help you re-imagine the future of your business or healthcare organisation through practical, implementable strategies that create the outcomes you’ve always dreamt of.  With extensive expertise in leadership, business, complex systems and healthcare, enquire about this service to start benefiting today.

Developing and Delivering on Strategy: Facilitation or review of services.

Organisational Structure and Function: Empower and reinvigorate your team to achieve your strategic business priorities.

Build a high trust, resilient workforce: Maximise the potential of your staff through building self awareness, diversity, courage and insight.

Resolve conflict and improve communication: Facilitate mutual understanding and better inter-team and intra-team dynamics.

Employee well-being programs: Empower your teams to improve wellbeing and engagement on an ongoing basis with little to zero cost.

Director and management support: Outcomes can be achieved more quickly by providing independent support and advice to your management team.

"I learned  how to deal with leadership challenges; building high performing teams, and providing a vision to guide and unify them" Claire

"outstanding strategic & operational performance"  Brian

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. "recommended for anyone who is ready to create genuine and sustainable change" Suzi


"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved in a mediation process facilitated by Rhonda. The situation had become intractable and had not progressed for many months. Rhonda’s skills were critical to resolving the problem. " Rae, Associate Professor

"I turn to Rhonda when I am on the brink of transformation and need a hand to help me breakthrough and step-up. I have been working with Rhonda intermittently for over 3 years. Over this time I have reached new and elevated states- professionally, personally and in my overall wellbeing. These changes have been both significant and sustained." Suzi, Business Consultant

"I have known Rhonda since 2009 and in that time I’ve sought her wise counsel and piercing insights as well as valuing her treasured collegiality. Rhonda is an extraordinary listener who has the ability to shift people’s narratives about themselves and achieve breakthroughs in their thinking - a precious talent in any coach. I’ve also seen Rhonda’s interaction with people when I've worked with her in large public health and tertiary education organisations in Queensland. Her approachability, respect for all voices (irrespective of their role), and her judgement leads to a highly engaged workforce with outstanding strategic and operational performance. Values driven, an inspiring speaker and immensely experienced leader, Rhonda is simply outstanding at all she does." Brian, Director.

'People say change is hard, and it can be, but change is much more achievable when you have Rhonda Morton as your coach and mentor to guide you through the process. I learned how to deal with leadership challenges, building high-performing teams, and providing a vision to guide and unify them. If you're looking for a coach that is savvy and full of thoughtful counsel, Rhonda is an excellent choice. She has a really unique way of sizing up leadership and business issues and then guiding you to a successful solution.' Claire, Executive Director

Rhonda is a compassionate leader and mentor with thorough experience in the health sector. She has a generous approach to sharing knowledge and insight which makes her an exceptional lecturer and mentor. Her demeanour supports effective coaching and ensues confidence in my personal growth.  I truly value her knowledge and her dedication." Jenna, coaching client 

"Rhonda is an inspiring and engaging speaker, who is always willing to help and very generous with her time. Rhonda is approachable, passionate, honest and friendly. She openly shares her diverse professional and personal experiences with enthusiasm, enabling the audience to relate and engage with the message. Health students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level remarked that they felt inspired, energised and motivated after Rhonda’s presentations.” Kate, Tertiary Healthcare Programs 

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