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Rhonda Morton MBA GAICD

Helping people and organisations get results

With 20 years' executive experience in healthcare, tertiary education and private sector businesses, Rhonda is experienced in successful development and delivery of strategy, and creating solutions for complex challenges within large organisations.

With business and healthcare clients, she is continually refining techniques, structures and cultures to achieve desired outcomes, with emphasis on measurable results, building high performing, sustainable teams, innovative partnerships and effective, efficient systems.  

Inspired by the complex questions and challenges facing today's leaders, she's explored numerous solutions and developed a coaching mindset to support those around her.  She's discovered that the highest performers have achieved a level of self awareness and mastery elusive to others, and that the most successful organisations embrace key features in their structure and function.

Continuously learning, she now offers business consulting, keynotes, facilitation, leadership development and private coaching services to clients around Australia, predominantly in the healthcare sector.  She is also a Director in Health Sciences & Medicine at Bond University, and provides guest lectures to masters-level university students in healthcare leadership and governance.


Whether in large organisations or individual coaching, Rhonda works well with self-actualised people who are prepared to be challenged and do things differently to enhance results.

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